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Brown Anole Care Sheet

Description: The Brown Anole is one of the easier lizards to care for which makes them ideal for beginners.
Scientific Name: Anolis sagrei
Lifespan: 3 years
Average Size: 7 or 8 inches
Origin: The Bahamas and Cuba


Brown Anoles are carnivorous but since they are not very large you cannot feed them large insects. Smaller crickets, mealworms and waxworms work well to provide Brown Anoles with a balanced diet.

The majority of water intake in Brown Anoles occurs from their food. Occasionally they may lick drops of water off the plants so make sure you mist it at least twice per day. Some Brown Anoles will drink water from a dish. However, since the Brown Anole cannot tolerate high humidity levels you will not be able to leave the dish in the habitat for long periods of time.



Lighting: Brown Anoles require full-spectrum UVB light to stay healthy. This will allow them to produce their own vitamin D3.
Physical Design: Plants and vines should be available in the enclosure to allow your Brown Anole to climb which they do naturally in the wild.
Size: A cubic cage of at least 2 feet in each direction will serve well for a Brown Anole. They are not large lizards but they do need enough room to move around and climb.
Substrate: A good combination of materials for a substrate is potting soil on the bottom with a top layer of bark chips.
Temperature: A daytime temperature of about 85 degrees F and a night time temperature of no lower than 75 degrees F works well for Brown Anoles.
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